SBC-2800 - System settings

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System setup

System name: 


Firmware currently running:  linux2800-20151015
Upload new firmware to RAM:   
Firmware in RAM, not yet installed:  (none)
Install firmware from RAM to flash: 


Hardware configuration

Make sure that these settings match the hardware.

8 digital inputs: 
8 digital outputs: 
16 analog inputs: 
    AIN0 range: 
    AIN1 range: 
    AIN2 range: 
    AIN3 range: 
    AIN4 range: 
    AIN5 range: 
    AIN6 range: 
    AIN7 range: 
    AIN8 range: 
    AIN9 range: 
    AIN10 range: 
    AIN11 range: 
    AIN12 range: 
    AIN13 range: 
    AIN14 range: 
    AIN15 range: 
2G/3G modem: 
GPS receiver: 
UPS and battery charger: